BRaK - Bratislava Artist´s Book Award 2018

I. Organiser

The BRaK - Bratislava Artist´s Book Award and residency program is an initiative of BRaK – Bratislava Book Festival.

The residency is being awarded with the financial support of the Slovak Arts Council.

Partner of the residency is the Centre for Information on Literature, Transbook and the Nová Cvernovka creative centre.

 II. Basic provisions

 The Objective:

The purpose of the BRaK award is to motivate young illustrators and authors of illustrated books from to work on their own authorial development. It is a competition for the most beautiful original unpublished book (or a project of such a book) by authors of 18 – 35 years of age.

The Aim:

The aim of this project is to support the creation of original authorial work – a book in a form of „picturebook“. It is being supported by a financial award and a follow-up residency in Nová Cvernovka creative centre in Bratislava, designed for a further development of the book until the phase of a functional maquette.


This project is designed for all the active authors in the field of illustrated and visual books, aged 18 – 35, with no territorial limitations. Every participant can enter the competiton with only one project.

III. Schedule

Dates of the open call: 1. 3. 2018 – 10. 5. 2018.

Announcment of results: 20. 5. 2018 during BRaK - Bratislava Book Festival. 

Dates of the residency: 1. 9. 2018 – 30. 11. 2018.

IV. The Requirements for the Scholarship Applicant

The applicant must be a natural person – an individual – aged 18 – 35.
The application is to be submitted in electronic form by the end of the date of the open call 
The scholarship application in its electronic form must include:
  • The completed application form

  • Structured professional curriculum of the author, with emphasis on his former exhibition and publication activities

  • Portfolio – webpage link is sufficient

  • Description of the authorial aims – mission statement, the main idea of the work, draft of the book story-line

  • The complete storyboard of the book

  • Three illustrations representing the visual style of the book

  • The content, the text and all the images must be the work of one author.

Emial address for sending:

 V. The Selection of the winner and the Results Anouncement

  1. The selection process will take place during Bratislava Book Festival 2018.
  2. Results will be publicly anounced on May 20th, 2018. The written anouncement of the result will be delivered to all the applicants in three days since the public anouncement.

 VI. The Course of the Residency

  1. The awarded author receives an award 2250 euro. It is designed exclusively for the purpose of the development and completion of the project and covering the expenses of the residency in Bratislava, September 1st – November 30th, 2018 (except the accommodation and travel costs). The scholarship is limited to the person of the author and is not transferable.
  2. The scholarship will be delivered to the author in two stages – 1500 euro directly at the residency arrival, 750 eur after the demonstration of a noticeable progression of the artwork, at the residency midterm.
  3. Author is entitled to an accommodation, not included in the scholarship
  4. Author is entitled to a studio, not included in the scholarship. The studio will be equipped with the basic material and technical facilities necessary for the illustration of the book and development of the maquette (according to author’s technique).
  5. During the residency the author has a chance to consult his work with several professionals in the industry
  6. Part of the outcome of the residency is a public presentation of the completed work in the form of individual exhibition and author meeting.

 VII. The Outcome of the Residency

  1. Author is obliged to present a functional maquette of the book (scale 1:1) at the end of the residency.
  2. Author makes the original illustrations available to the organiser for exhibiting purposes.
  3. The exhibition should include examples from the completed work and from the creative process during the residency.
  4. The exhibition will take place after the residency is completed, during Bratislava Book Festival BRaK 2019.
  5. Author agrees with the presentation of his work and of the creative process of the work on the web and social media.
  6. Organiser reserves prerogative rights to the license of the work in order of its potential publication.

 VIII. Addendum

 The Book Maquette:

Imitative copy of the book. It has a definite form, final layout of pages and typesetting of the text. The main idea and dramaturgy of the book is apparent. Design, binding and cover of the book can be additionally altered, but at the time of the presentation they should have the form designed by the author.

IX. More information

If you have any questions, or remarks, don't hesitate to contact the project's coordinator Kristína Kubáňová (kubanova[@]